Free photo library

Our library features over 10,000 professionally-styled food images and backgrounds. There's no limit to the amount of images you can feature in your cookbook 'free of charge'.

No risk and high returns

Are you creating a cookbook as a fundraiser? Make it 100% risk free by incorporating sponsorship. Feedback tells us that local sponsors are happy to support communities, as they also get something in return. So aim high raising thousands of $$$$ for your cause.

3 steps to success

Create a beautiful bookstore quality cookbook in just 3 "easy-to-follow" steps. Print run starts from as little as 50 copies. With no hidden costs, prices include GST, delivery and our extensive image library. Sign up and start creating your cookbook today.



The cookbooks arrived and we just couldn’t stop saying WOW, they are just so beautiful. We couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve achieved.
St John’s Primary School,
Euroa Vic

The background images are so beautiful and make all the difference to the look and feel of your cookbook, and the best thing; they’re all free!
Blaxcell St Public School, Granville NSW

We sold 80% of our cookbooks within weeks of delivery which was fantastic, but actually wished now that we had ordered more.
Wanganui Park Secondary School, Shepparton Vic

Our school created a fantastic cookbook. It’s just like the cookbooks you buy in the bookstore. We actually raised more funds than our annual fete.
Meadowbank Public School,
Ryde NSW

The process of producing this book went very smoothly and we are doing a reprint! Thank you Create a Cookbook. You were wonderful to deal with and went over and beyond to help us.
Hughenden Show Society, Hughenden Qld

Our cookbook is simply beautiful. We marvelled our cover, the fantastic coordination of colours. It even brought tears to one of our committee members.
Guardian Angels' PS,
Wynnum Qld

This was a fabulous experience as far as a fundraising idea activity! The end result was beyond everyone's expectations. The process is worthwhile with a cookbook that will remain forever. Thank you.
Weetangara PS, Weetangara ACT

Publishing your cookbook

Did you know self-publishing is becoming the fastest growing preferred way to publish?
Where once we thought it was a market exclusive to publishing houses, self-publishing
on the other hand, is a service where anyone can create their own unique cookbook with a finish that’s equal to any you see in bookshops or online bookstores.

Self-publishing gives you total control of the entire creative and selling process. Our job is to guide you through each step to completion.

Even though you pay upfront for producing your cookbook, and are responsible for marketing and distribution, the great thing about self-publsihing is that you have total copyright and subsidiary rights for your cookbook. And the best part, is that all the profits are exclusively yours.

The joy of cookbooks

Cookbooks are beautiful objects whether you buy one or are fortunate to receive one as a gift. There’s something about opening a cookbook to that recipe page that you use time and time again and find the pages stuck together or even that bit of icing still on the page. Yes, Google has become a great way to source recipes, but there’s something very special about a new or well-used cookbook; the joy of holding it is tactile, it holds sentiment, and is something that you can cherish for the rest of your life and pass down to your children. If you’re lucky enough to own a cookbook that was your mother’s or grandmother’s then you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.