About us

Create a Cookbook is a "self-publishing" cookbook company helping schools, organisations, clubs and individuals create beautiful cookbooks. Most of our book range are glued AND stitched making sure they last the test of time. Whether a fundraiser or memento, we guide you through 3 "easy-to-follow" steps. Quality is everything and we have earned a reputation of producing cookbooks that rival any professional cookbook you buy in shops or online.

From start to finish

Turnaround time starts from as little as 4 weeks for small cookbook projects and around 12-16 weeks for larger projects. Go as fast or as slow as you like.

Low risk, high returns

Make your cookbook fundraiser 100% risk free by adding sponsorship and pre-sales. Feedback shows usthat local sponsors are happy to support communities, as they feel they are also getting something inreturn. Aim high, raising thousands of $$$$ for your cause. Pre-sales combined with sponsorship havethe potential of raising ALL, if not, most of the funds needed before layout, printing and shipping. Forjust $125 inc. you can request for us to design your cover which you can then display on your pre-orderfrom. Once we go ahead with layout, both the cover design and sign up deposit is deducted from the finalpayment.

Recipe template and submissions

There are over 800 font styles to choose from when setting up your recipe template. Add your recipes tothe "Online Recipe Form" via our website. Recipes are then fed directly into the recipe template with fontstyles already in place and in categories previously selected ready for you to do a final edit.

Templates & handy tools

Promote your cookbook using the pre-order forms, flyers, posters and sponsorship contracts we supply.Simply edit to suit and then email or print out and get parents etc. to take it to their workplace askingcolleagues to pre-order cookbooks.

Our range of cookbooks

Minimum print run starts from 50copies. There are 6 book sizes to choose from, A5 (14x21cm), smallsquare (17x20cm), portrait (19x25cm), large square (21x25cm), A4 (21x29cm), and our luxuriouscoffee table cookbook size (25x28cm).

Book styles

Choose from 5 different styles. Softcover, wire-bind softcover, wire-bind hardback, hardback and hardback/fabric combination.

Optional extras

Optional extras give your cookbook an even more professional look. Include embossed text on your coverwith a gloss finish. The softcover range offers fold in front and back cover flaps. Add a dust jacket toprotect your cover and for that extra special touch, add an elastic band or ribbon to the hardback range.There is more optional extras to choose from. Prices available upon request.

Layout options

Want to create your own design? We can supply an InDesign template. Or else, choose one of our predesignedtemplates and just replace with your recipes, personal images as well as our image library. Got acookbook design in mind, not a problem. We're happy to re-create a design to suit your needs.

Designing templates

We offer a wide range of pre-designed templates. Feature one or a collection of images on a single page. Or choose a template with both a recipe and image on the same page. Other templates include, covers, chapter openers, history pages, conversion chart, foreword, contents page, sponsorship and much, much more.

Naming your cookbook

Get creative with the name of your cookbook. Need inspiration? Why not get your community involved and do a competition to name the cookbook.

Personal images

There's no limit to the quantity of personal images you can place in your cookbook. We show you how tocheck the quality of your images before going to print.

More than just a cookbook

Think about featuring images of your local area. You may be lucky enough to live in a tourist location. Orperhaps feature historical photos and the stories behind them. The possibilities are endless. We have lots oftemplates to choose from.

1000’s of professional food images

Our food library database features over 10,000 professionally styled images and is growing all the time.All our images are free of charge and you can use as many as you like in your cookbook. Can't find animage to match your recipes, let us know and we'll do a search for you.

Beautiful backgrounds are free!

Spice up your cookbook by adding backgrounds images from our library. Choose from 1000’s of different backgrounds to feature behind your recipes.

Local ad directory

Adding a chapter at the back of your cookbook called "sponsorship directory" is the most popular way to pre-fund your fundraising cookbook project. Most local businesses are happy to support their local community, and in turn, they also benefit from advertising their business in your beautiful cookbook.

What are businesses prepared to pay?

Our motto is, start high, then negotiate, because if you start low, they may still want to negotiate a lower price. Over the years, creating cookbooks for schools, organisations and clubs, most achieved around 6 -7 pages of ads averaging around $1000 a page. On average the following ads can be charged as follows. Business cards - $125, quarter page - $250, half page - $500, full page - $1000 and back cover - $1500-$2000. We offer a sample contract template which you can edit to suit and we can also set up an online sponsorship form so that businesses can fill in their details and supply artwork directly via our website. Either of these methods, you always receive the payment from sponsorship directly.

Go for gold

Another option is to approach businesses to list their details in the following categories: Platinum and Gold in the front of your book as they pay the most; followed by Silver and Bronze in the back. Platinum would feature the largest font size.

Get creative, think outside the box

A great idea is to feature a chapter on local restaurants and cafes in your area. They can be either a single page or spread in your cookbook and include a blurb about their business and services, include a recipe from their menu as well as a photo of their restaurant and of the food.

Spot the ads?

Want to create a cookbook but don't want the ads to look so obvious. A really cool idea is to feature local businesses as "advertorials". These ads don't actually look like ads, so they flow inconspicuously throughout your cookbook. Our design templates allow you to feature a photo or more on a single page or spread and you can feature their business details in the top or bottom corner. You can also add a directory listing page at the back of your cookbook making it easy to locate the ad.

What's your ultimate goal?

We believe the first thing you should ask is, “what is the total funds that we would like to raise?” This wayyou can work out what size book to choose, the cover finish, sales price, total inside pages, how muchsponsorship to raise, and type of marketing strategy for maximum sales? This makes it easier to decidethe final print run. Our motto when asking for sponsorship; start high, negotiate after. Over the years,creating cookbooks for schools, organisations and clubs have on average achieved around 8-10 pages ofads to the value of up to $1000 a page. Request sponsorship via our online "sponsorship contract form"located on our website. Sponsors fill in their details, uploaded their artwork and forward funds direct toyou.

Quantity to print?

Final print run doesn't need to be decided until layout or sign off on artwork. Other ways to help you makeyour final decision is to organise a competition within your school, organisation or club offering a greatprize to any student or family member who pre-sell the most cookbooks before they arrive. Use the preordertemplate we provide once you sign up and ask parents to take it to their workplace. This has beenproven to be a great alternative to the old "box of chocolates". Also, feature your cover and some insidepages in your newsletter or school website after you have signed off on your cookbook.

Selling the books

Many will buy on a pre-order basis, sight unseen, while others need to see a copy first. Building up hype as there is only a one-time limited amount to sell will help you to received maximum pre-sales. If your books are being sent via sea freight, you may consider ordering a few advanced copies (cost for airfreight applies). After the initial rush of cookbook sales, if you haven't sold them all initially, it’s important to keep up the momentum making sure you sell them all. On many occasions, we get feedback from customers wishing they had more as they have sold out and people are still wanting to buy them.

Testimonial results (some results include sponsorship)

Below is just a few results others have achieved. We think you’ll agree that doing a cookbook as a fundraiser has the potential of being your major fundraiser for the year.

Beecroft Public School NSW, $25 each, 700 students, 2000 small square hardback, profit $37,600
Brighton Primary School Vic, $35 each, 700 students, 1000 large softcover, profit $30,250
Broughton Anglican College NSW, $25 each, 800 students, 1000 small square softcover, profit $20,649
Canberra Grammar School ACT, $30 each, 900 students, 1000 large square softcover, profit $29,675

Holy Family Primary School QLD, $25 each, 300 students, 1000 large square softcover , profit $23,137
Holy Spirit School NSW, $20 each, 400 students, 750 small square softcover, profit $11,000
Laharum Primary School VIC, $25 each, 40 students, 750 students, small square softcover, profit $15,025
Laharum Primary School then requested a reprint of an extra 500 copies.
Mary Help of Christian School NSW, $20 each, 300 students, 500 large square softcover, profit $9,991

Masada College NSW, $35 each, 200 students, 1000 small square fabric combination, profit $28, 950
Mater Dei Primary School QLD, $20 each, 300 students, 1000 small square softcover, profit $23,675
Meadowbank Public School NSW, $29.95 each, 170 students, 750 large square fabric combo, profit $23, 975
Murwillumbah High School NSW, $25 each, 700 students, 1000 large softcover, profit $15,844

Penola Primary School SA, $20 each, 150 students, 500 small square softcover, profit $7,762
Port Fairy Consolidated VIC, $35, 140 students, 1000 A4 softcover, profit $27,700, *requested reprint 1000
St John’s Primary School Euroa VIC, $35 each, 250 students, 500 large fabric combination, profit $15,012
St. John’s Primary School Euroa VIC then requested a reprint of an extra 750 copies.
The Hamilton & Alexandria College VIC, $40, 400 students, 1500 large square softcocver, profit $59,000
The Hamilton & Alexandria College VIC, $40, 400 students then requested a reprint of an extra 1000 copies


Printing and shipping

To work out printing and shipping time, click the pricing calculator on our website. Select book type andprint quantity to work out estimated printing and shipping time based on your calculation.

Customer support

The best way to contact us is via email. We usually answer emails by the very next day at the latest. Want to speak to someone direct? We are available to chat live between 9.30am -5.00pm, Monday to Friday. Simply leave a message on our voicemail, fill in the "contact us" form or email us on info@createacookbook.com.au to organise an appointment.

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